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Executive & Non-Executive Members

Others help keep this club going but are not mentioned here. A BIG thanks to you all.


Announced as the Chair of Bexley Fencing Club on the 11th July 2007, Owen Palmer learned to fence at the age of 13 at a comprehensive school called Catford Boys. He is a registered foil coach. Having suffered a catastrophic heart attack in 2010 he went on to be recipient of pioneering stem cell treatment with the help of the Heart Cells Foundation. This treatment allowed him to continue his work for the club even overcoming the original prognosis that he would never recover from a state of near physical atrophy. Now fencing and tutoring he continues to chair the club until the next chair person steps in to manage a club that has been going since 1950.


Additionally announced as the Secretary of Bexley Fencing Club on the 11th July 2007, Karen Griffiths is the energy of the club. Maintaining a demanding and professional career as well as simultaneously the club's communication, she has enabled year on year coherence of its members and interested parties. From Judo to Fencing her small frame is deceptive, a tenacious fencer. Karen is another of several Foil coaches at hand to help new and intermediate fencers.

Treasurer & Child Welfare

Looking after the finances of the Club is Claire Troth. A voice and piano tutor who also

runs classes for those with Parkinsons as it has been shown to be beneficial. As a 'Not-for-Profit organisation balancing Bexley Fencing Club's books each year is no easy task and regular AGM's ensure club members are involved in the direction of the clubs spend. Claire's other duties include the management of our incorporated governmental demands. Adam Hughes who has been fencing foil and now épée since the age of nine, is the club's Child Welfare Officer supports the Reader Cadets, our junior section, ensuring correct and appropriate processes are applied throughout each year. Our non-executive committee members who give of their time and help with many of the numerous tasks include Kevin O'Brien Wheeler, Paul Walker, Peter Barwell, Paul Fitzpatrick and Kola Ayanwale, the club acknowledges and thanks them all.